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B'Day - Ahnethelion
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Kinship Rules

All rules must be read and taken into account by all members to ensure that the kin remains a friendly environment (read them all friend even if the title doesnt directly implicate you)

-Be Happy
-Set a good example
-Be polite
-Work together
-Help when possible
-Try be active on website
-No random fellowship invites, ask first
-Set a loot rule with a kin fellowship to make it fair beforehand
-No power level requests at kin, if you are doing an instance or want a help, be free to ask & so but dont request stricly a level capped person/high level.
-Avoid go inactive without warn friend, try atleast make a forum post, ofc sometimes it may be repentine and not able to tell, in that case if by any chance you get ''kicked'' (very unusual unless kin gets full) be free to ask for a reinvite after, you should get a in-game mail if that happens, although mail get deleted after X time without read it.

- Items at Kin Auction Hall are for kin use only, and should never be sold/trade , if you buy it , is to use yourself, or at last scenario to another kinnie.
-Don't forget to have fun
-Always keep beer in the kin house... or face my wrath. };-<
-Kin can't always respond right away so be patient, if help is needed then it can be planned through kin mail and the forum so that people can plan a time to offer help and mark at calendar, that's convenient for everybody.
-If anyone isnt correct or any member isnt respecting somone or something is your duty as kin member talk to leader or officer in order to be resolved. Don't let it pass or problem wont be solved.
-Don't demand help if you're not going to give help yourself

-If a kinmember offers to craft you an item you must help provide the materials, it is down to the person crafting you the item if they wish to help with any materials
-If anything sometimes go wrong, have the strenght to pass it and try resolve it or make it better ;) and if anytime want to leave remember to say goodbye before go and if want the reason, we are here to have fun in Middle Earth


Kinship Chat


-You should always maintain the good atmosphere at kinship chat & use english.
-Themes like religion,sex, countries... can be chated as long YOU NEVER disrespect nothing or noone, disrispect can result in a warning, demote or even a kick. If you see any kinnie getting bothered with the chat just stop it and take it to the tell or fellow chat.
-Think twice before sending a joke about anything that can offend somone.
-Watch your language, words like(sorry say them) fu, stfu,... are not allowed.
-You have to understand that there is a a lot of variety in kin mates regardling countries, sex, age, opinions...
-Kin chat isnt a trade channel, please don't try and sell to kin.
-Try avoid the use of swear words at kin chat.
-When leader/officer warns you to stop, take his advice ;)

All alts must state their main and alts in the kinship player note. Titles are given to persons and not characters.



Officers also have a duty to this kin and must follow some added rules:

-If a member is breaking the rules or acting out of order tell them through a tell
-People you recruit must stay as recruits for 3 weeks until further discussion is made about promotions to member
-If an officer has a problem they should speak to the kin leader and/or successor at a convenient time or through mail.
-Officers must set an example to the rest of the kin, any rude behaviour or breaking rules can result in being demoted.
-Promotions are made several times, only persons online will get a promotion... If you seeing yourself a long time already in kinship and didnt got to kinsman ask for one and we will decide it =)
-Being an officer means you have been given responsibily over the kin, take the role seriously and show respect to other officers and members
-If a member is inactive for 60+ days they should be demoted to recruit, double check if they have given any notice about their inactivity
-Officers cant have alts in others kins, they are persons that are in the kinship at 100%, although there can be special situations in that case you have to inform and it will be discussed.

-Any member misbehaving after they have been given a warning may be removed from the kin
-To remove members from kinship, leader/officer need to 1st inform other officers/leader of his decision to check if everyone agree.



The kinship also has some set rules when we group with other kin members:



-Mithril Flakes - Roll need, if you get the flake then don't roll for anymore flakes the rest of the instance.
-Coins - You can only get 1 coin per raid/instance unless others members dont need it.
-Legendary Weapons will be discussed at looting if the appropriate class is not present and a decision will be made on what to do with it.
-Never roll for a item that you cant use, or dont need. Unless class not present.
-You should sign up at instances in site in order you get a place in the raid/instance.
-The 1st thing we have in count is the time you signed, if you are tentative and not on time we will give spot to available person if he is online. 
-If you have any alt from other kinship, kinship characters have of course priorit.
-When we set up a date and time for a instance, you should come earlier in order when the group is started you are online, if you arent online at marked time leader is free to wait or give a spot to other kin member online ;)
-How I can know if I have a space in raid? Easy there are groups at the page you sign for the instance/raid like Captains,Tanks,Healers,Range DPS..... If your name is there you have a spot if your name is at unsigned there is no sure if you will get a spot as it means other persons signed 1st.
-Before you sign/join any instance/raid check the Instances/Raids Info located on: (The Fellowship Of Guardians Forum Index  -> Books/Raids/Quests/Deeds) and make sure you are able for it ;) 


- Dont forget to to check the FOGRS - Fellowship Of Guardians Roll System  page located at The Fellowship Of Guardians Forum Index -> Kinship Announcements/News/Informations.


Kinship doesn´t play with exploits we beat our opponents with equality.



Kinship Invitations

We are open to everyone who wants to have a great adventure in Middle Earth.
So if you are interested or know someone that want to join us you/she/he can aplly in site and then we will throw a in-game invite :) .


See you in Middle Earth!!


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November 8th, 2023
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November 8th, 2023
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Turbine has discontinued the server status API that allowed us to bring you this widget. Please let us know if you find a new API we could utilize.

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